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Dentist Redcliffe: Tips For Scheduling Dental Appointments

Whether it’s a simple cleaning or something more demanding like an implant, there are times when finding time for a dental appointment may seem like too much to ask. In case you have a family and also work full-time the responsibilities keep piling on and it’s easy to keep rescheduling your dental appointments until you start to experience some discomfort. However, there are a few ways that you can make it easier to see your dentist such as:

  • Multiple appointments: Rather than having to take your kids to see the dentist on a particular day then having to find a seperate time slot for your own appointments, it’s simpler to schedule everyone’s appointment at around the same time. This leaves you with more time for your other obligations.

  • Midday appointments: Procedures that are unlikely to take more than an hour can be scheduled around your lunch hours. You could be in and out of your dentist’s office without missing a minute of work.

  • Saturday appointments: If you’re free on Saturdays, you can find dentists who open for a few hours over the weekend. This can be a great solution if you have a longer procedure scheduled.

It’s not always possible to schedule your appointments in this manner. The type of dentist you go to will be the determining factor. Family dentists will be more understanding of the demands that your responsibilities place on you thus more willing to help you come up with a schedule that meets your needs.

Emergency Dentist Redcliffe: What Qualifies as a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is a situation that needs to be addressed urgently. When a dental emergency happens, waiting for even a few hours could have very negative consequences. However, what do dentist Redcliffe service providers consider an emergency? A few examples are:

  1. Teeth that have been knocked out: There is a window during which a teeth that has been knocked loose can be reattached. This is usually the result of some facial trauma. In case a tooth is knocked loose, acting quickly could mean not having to invest in a tooth replacement.

  2. A cracked/fractured tooth: The urgency of this will be determined by the extent of the damage. A small amount of damage can be left alone. However, a moderate fracture will require restoration with a permanent crown.

  3. Tissue damage: The tissue in the mouth e.g. tongue, cheeks will need to be attended to depending on the severity of the problem. If there is a lot of bleeding, it’s a good idea to rush to the emergency room.

Although the ability to restore a tooth/teeth is a major reason why emergency dental work might be needed, it’s important to also remember that these conditions may come with a significant amount of pain. Therefore, treatment might be necessary to ease the great deal of discomfort the patient may experience. Emergency dentist Redcliffe clinics such as Smiles Dental Care can assist you to make it through a very uncomfortable night.